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We provide recycling and general waste services to factory, offices, shops, hospitality, universities, schools, small businesses, aged care and apartment complexes in Perth.

DCG Recycling is a local recycling Company located in Perth WA. We are a rearlift operation providing clean plastic bins and a service well above industry standards.

Our recycling plant in Perth handles cardboard, plastics and paper.

We are aware that our level of service is fundamental to our customers.

Our continuous growth through good and bad times is a product of absolute dedication to service to our customers and a fast response to their needs.

'We do more than promise solutions, we actually deliver on them
in a timely, reliable fashion.'

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16 Hyne Road
South Guildford WA 6055
Email: Haidee@damiencole.com.au
Fx: 08 9277 1800

ABN: 33 122 263 290


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